Nano Pham Group (Na No Pham Gia Corporation) was founded in 2008 with the philosophy and principle of "Connecting - Sharing - Spreading" the quintessence of Humanity and Vietnamese wisdom and the convergence of "People" are ethical, conscientious, capable, intellectually, enthusiastic, dedicated, professional in work as well as in life and work together to realize the aspiration for a "Powerful and prosperous Vietnam…”.
Nano Pham Group and its members have been affirming the vision, position, action, prestige... in many fields and always aiming for the values of intelligence, creativity, science, technology, engineering to create solutions, services, products that are useful, superior in quality, environmentally friendly, improve productivity, reduce costs... for people, businesses and society.
Nano Pham Group constantly connects and cooperates with experts, scientists, partners and prestigious domestic and international organizations, brands, companies and corporations in many fields. Also representing many leading brands in the world such as: Guard Industrie - France (www.guardindustrie.com); Nanovere Technologies - USA (www.nanocoatings.com); Somay-Q - Japan (www.somayq.com); Terraco - Sweden (www.terraco.com); Vestergaard - Switzerland (www.vestergaard.com); Biocera - Korea (www.biocera.com)...
Currently, Nano Pham Group and its members are always proud, committed to maintaining global working standards and have become a brand with many years of experience and reputation operating in many industries and fields such as: 
1.Nano Pham Group ecosystem with the platform "Connecting - Sharing - Spreading" (NPG)
Nano Pham Group (NPG) Ecosystem: is the place where "Connecting - Sharing - Spreading" solutions, services, products, intelligence, creativity, science, technology and techniques between the Party has demand with Experts, Scientists, High-quality Human Resources or Suppliers, Manufacturers in the field of Industrial, Civil, Manufacturing, DIY… minimizing or eliminating intermediate stage; Cost savings; improve productivity; optimize human resources, materials and equipment to promote multi-capacity, forte, experience, intelligence, inventions, infrastructure, transportation, people is time, communities, businesses and society on the basis of Information Technology, Artificial intelligence (AI), warehousing, transportation…
Nano Pham Group (NPG) ecosystem is a new innovative model that maximizes strengths and advantages, eliminates and overcomes limitations and disadvantages of current business models such as: sharing economy (Grab, Uber...); Members, (Vietnamairl, Metro...); E-commerce platform (Shoppe, Tiki...); Distribution system from Manufacturer to Demander (Sika, Saint-Globaint, Jotun, Co.oppmark...) and create more scientific, technological, technical, production, service and product solutions…
Activities of Nano Pham Group Ecosystem (NPG):
Nano Technology – New technology "Treatment, Restoration, Care, Protection, Decoration, Art and Anti-microbial, Insulation, Fire protection, Waterproofing, Anti-noise, Anti-stick, Anti-graffiti, Anti-rust,  Anti-corrosion...” for “Material Integrity Guarantee”.
  • Water and Life.
  • Expert and Expert service.
  • House of Origin, Non-Physical and Physical Houses (Technology House).
  • Other fields.
2.Intelligence - Creativity - Science - Technology - Engineering - Production - Services - Products
Pioneering cooperation, creativity, research, development, production and application of solutions, science, technology, techniques, services, products... useful, meeting essential needs, improve productivity, save costs for businesses and society (especially the poor and vulnerable people)…
Typically: Application of Nano Technology - New technology "Treatment, Restoration, Care, Protection, Decoration, Art and Anti-microbial, Insulation, Fire protection, Waterproofing, Anti-noise, Anti-stick, Anti-graffiti, Anti-rust,  Anti-corrosion...” aims to “Material Integrity Guarantee” in most areas of life such as: Industrial, Civil, Manufacturing, DIY…
Nano Pham Group and its members, partners have been successfully implementing thousands of Projects - Works - Factories on a global scale such as: Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris), Lille Museum (France); Temple of King Dinh - King Le (Ninh Binh), Vietnam National Museum of History; Noi Bai Airport, Da Nang, Tan Son Nhat, Cam Ranh, Can Tho (ACV); Phu My Thermal Power Plant, Ba Ria Thermal Power Plant (GENCO3-EVN); Thu Duc Thermal Power Plant (EVN); Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant (PVCFC-PVN), Phu My Fertilizer Plant (PVFCCo-PVN); Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Plant, Ca Mau 1&2 Power Plant, Nhon Trach 1 Power Plant, Nhon Trach 2 Power Plant (PV Power-PVN); Nghi Son Cement Factory (VICEM); Hiep Phuoc Fertilizer Factory – PBMM, Lam Thao Super Phosphate Factory (Vinachem)…
3.Expert and Expert service
"Connecting - Sharing - Spreading" the knowledge and wisdom of Humanity and is a place of convergence and cooperation with prestigious domestic and international experts, scientists, partners in the field of Industry (Gas and Oil, Thermal Power, Hydropower, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Mining, Metallurgy...) and many other fields with the aim of improving productivity, reducing costs, and bringing efficiency to people, business and society.
4.Water and Life

Water plays a vital role in sustaining life and water quality directly affects human health. Nano Pham Group has been cooperating with domestic and international prestigious Organizations, Brands, Companies, Groups, Experts, Scientists... and coordinate, cooperate and consult with Departments, Ministries, Boards, Sectors, Government agencies to advise and provide scientific, technological, technical, production, service and product solutions to create Water Source and Water Treatment, Safe water for direct drinking, Health water, Anti-aging water, Structured water for disease and cancer prevention and community health promotion and wellness for Vietnamese people.
5.House of Origin, Non-Physical and Physical Houses (Technology House).
Consulting, providing scientific, technological and technical solutions to create the House of Origin, Non-Physical House and Physical House (Technology House)) Consulting, providing scientific, technological and technical solutions to create a House of Origin, a Non-Physical House and a Physical House (Technology House) with a revolutionary philosophy. “A House but Not a House - Not a House but a House” meeting the needs of "settlement and career" and reducing costs, creating added value, efficiency for most classes of people, especially the poor, vulnerable people, and ethnic minorities, people in areas with special difficul conditions…
  • House of Origin: It is a place everyone wants to return to, a place full of love and memories… 
  • Non-Physical House: is an ecosystem that can connect, share, donate, exchange, buy, sell, rent, cooperate and do business on the basis of a physical house..
  • The Physical House (Technology House): is a house with maximum application of intelligence and creativity combining scientific, technological and technical solutions with the following criteria: reasonable price, design language with living space, usability, light, atmosphere and trees associated with nature.
6.Other fields
Nano Pham Group is always dedicated and has been coordinating and accompanying Government Agencies, Ministries, Departments, Sectors; Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non-profit Organizations (NPOs), Charitable organizations; Experts, Scientists, Individuals; prestigious domestic and international brands, companies and corporations in various fields to deploy intellectual, creative, scientific, technological, technical, production, service and product solutions.. . for community. and especially the poor, the vulnerable, the ethnic minorities, the people in extremely difficult areas…

  • “Preventing diseases, Improving productivity, Reducing risks” in the field of Agriculture.
  • “Protecting the environment and creating a green life…”
  • “Disaster Prevention, Search and Rescue, and Climate Change Response…”
  • “Accident Prevention, Reduce injury, Traffic safety…”
  • “Socio-economic development” in ethnic minority and mountainous areas and areas with extremely difficult conditions…
Nano Pham Group "Connecting - Sharing - Spreading" the values, solutions of intelligence, creativity, science, technology and engineering to create useful solutions, services, products, outstanding in quality, environmental friendliness, productivity improvement, cost reduction... contributing to the development and realizing the aspiration for a "powerful and prosperous Vietnam".
Guard Industrie : the final touch to buildings and houses
At Guard Industrie, we make ecological and innovative products to preserve houses and buildings’ beauty and heritage.
Our large range of products allows us to connect with a variety of clients, whether they’re individuals or professionals: handymen doing landscaping or interior redesign, craftsperson, architects, manufacturers but also stone, concrete and construction materials industrials…
We have been experts in the care of materials for almost 30 years. Limestone rock, marble, granite, slate, tile, concrete, cement, tiling, bricks, terracotta… We’ve unlocked the secrets to cleaning and protecting mineral surfaces.

Combining chemical ambition with care for the environment
Constructing a building has impacts on the environment. The products used in its construction, maintenance or cleaning are still too often environmentally aggressive. From our beginnings we have always been committed to sustainable development. Our products are developed to rigorous specifications in terms of environmental friendliness. We also attach great importance to developing, promoting and distributing green technologies.

Once upon a time, Guard Industrie
1989-The origin
Creation of the company and marketing of treatment products for textiles: the TexGuard range.
1995-The development
Invention of the ProtectGuard range for the treatment of mineral surfaces. Marketing in professionnal and DIY stores.
2000-A great step forward
First wide-ranging projects and beginning of sales worldwide.
2005-ProtectGuard Color
Creation of the decoration range of products with ProtectGuard Color products.
Internalisation of the production in Toulouse.
2015-Guard Tech
Patents and development of the Guard Tech range for the concrete industry.
2016-Guard Industrie grows
Second factory in Toulouse.
2018-Guard Industrie means…
100 millions of m² treated, 2 factories, 6 subsidiary companies or JV abroad, about 100 products manufactured and sold in about 60 countries
Our rewards
  • Guard Industrie winner of the “Best Surface Protection Provider” at the Global Venture Awards 2018.
  • Guard Industrie winner of “Best Ecological Solutions Company” and “Award for Innovation in Green Infrastructure” at the Global Venture Awards 2018.
  • ProtectGuard DTOX winner of the Global Venture Awards 2018 for “Best Eco Surface Protection Product”.
  • ProtectGuard DTOX, winner of the “Sustainable Building Awards 2016”.
  • Guard Industrie, selected as a “Concrete Hero” at the UK Concrete Show.
  • Guard Industrie got the silver medal in the“9th Business Managers Awards”.
  • Guard Industrie was awarded the “2008 Ambition prize, International category”.
  • Guard Industrie was selected among strategic companies to take part in the “PM’up”.
  • ProtectGuard was awarded the“Éco Trophées 93” in the Éco-products category.
  • Guard Industrie is one of the “200 builders of tomorrow” selected to represent French innovation.
  • Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement was awarded the “2012 i.d. trophy”.
  • Guard Industrie is a member of the “Club Ademe International”
First of all, Nano Pham Group - Na No Pham Gia Joint Stock Company and Guard Industrie (France) respectfully send to you our partners wishes for health, success and happiness.
Nano Pham Group was founded in 2008 with the motto "Connect - Share - Spread" the quintessence of humanity, Vietnamese intelligence and the greatest value of Nano Pham Group is a collection of ethical "People", intellect, dedication, dedication, dedication, professionalism ... in work and life.
Nano Pham Group is an Authorized Representative of Guard Industrie - France (www.guardindustrie.com). Guard Industrie was founded in 1989, with nearly 20 patents, present in 80 countries. We are always at the forefront of Research and Application of Nanotechnology - New technology: "Treatment, Recovery, Care, Protection, Decoration and Anti-fouling, Anti-graffiti, Anti-corrosion ..." Comprehensive materials: Stone, Wood, Glass , Paint, Metal, Plastic, Concrete, Leather, Fabric, Carpet, Exterior, Interior, Flooring, GRC decorative light concrete ... in most fields such as Petroleum, Thermal Power, Hydropower, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Cement, Health, Civil, Monuments, Transport, Construction and Aviation ... Help to recreate the original beauty, challenge stay awake with time, be environmentally friendly and save on maintenance, maintenance, and replacement costs ...

Guard Industrie and Nano Pham Group have successfully applied the latest technology today:   - Nanotechnology: is the technology to create extremely small molecules of nanometer size (10-9 m) with superior features superior to conventional sized molecules.  
- Flouride technology: is the latest technology with a special chemical structure that creates many features at the same time such as: anti-oil, water-proof, scratch-proof, "Lotus leaf" effect against fouling, anti-aging, UV protection ...
  - Osmosis and non-membrane Technology: Chemical molecules penetrate deeply into materials; non-membrane; restore the original color or change the materials’ color as required but does not affect the surface texture of the materials; allow the materials to “breathe” (air can pass through).

And other technologies

With many superior features and quality, outstanding efficiency such as: - "Treatment, Restoration and Care": Used or aging materials, discolored, rusty ... return to their original condition without changing the properties of the Material and without making films, no peeling ...  

- "Protection and Decoration": keeping Materials always new, challenging with time, against harmful agents ... with Nanotechnology - New technology "Colorless" or "Colored" as required
- "Anti-fouling, Anti-fouling": is the latest technology with special chemical structure that simultaneously creates many features such as: oil-proof, waterproof, scratch-proof, "Lotus leaf" effect against fouling , anti-graffiti, anti-aging, anti-UV ...
  - "Anti-corrosion" Materials: This is a particularly effective and useful Solution, Technology and Product ... helping to resist electro-chemical, chemical, mechanical and other agents ... Overcoming the limitations of current cost-effective Anti-Corrosion Solutions (due to the use of slow-corrosive Materials or the creation of barrier layers or the use of Sacrificial Materials ...) by the simultaneous application of Technologies Nano, Flouride Technology, Membrane-Free technology and many other technologies…
  - Simplify the implementation process: does not cause noise and air pollution ....
Economic efficiency: prolonging the material s life, challenges with time, saves the cost of maintenance or new replacement and limits the impact on the operation and exploitation process ...

- And many other excellent features.   Guard Industrie and Nano Pham Group are always proud of their commitment to upholding global standards. We have been providing Solutions, Technology, Products, Services, Construction ... for thousands of Projects in Vietnam and around the world.
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